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A few comments from our happy clients

It’s really important for me to know that I really make a difference in the lives of all of my clients. If you would like for me to include your testimonial on this page please contact me using the form below and I’ll be sure to add it to the growing collection.

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    “My experience in the Tesla Star Chamber was very interesting. The first time I felt blocked energy in my solar plexus clear and afterwards a sense of calm and peace. The second time I found very relaxing and calming.

    My teenage son also found great benefit. Before he went into the chamber he was exhausted, stressed and agitated. After half an hour he was visibly relaxed and happy and couldn’t stop laughing in the car on the way home. The experiences are obviously varied depending on the needs of the individual.

    Both my boys own Tesla pendants and won’t take them off. I can’t physically see what they are doing but I can see that two boys who don’t usually keep any jewellery on have changed their tune.”

    Angela Stafford, Angela's Wild Kitchen
    “I loved my experience in the Light Chamber. I found it so peaceful and it gave me just what I needed, not only at the time but for the following weeks afterwards.. I felt a sense of inner peace and calmness whilst I was in the chamber and I even fell asleep at times. The following day I woke up with so much more energy and I felt very alive, which was truly amazing as I was so depleted before my time in the chamber. The follow up sessions have been remote sessions and each time I feel more and more energised and rebalanced. Wendy, even had me in the chamber to support my flight back to the UK where I arrive fresh, relaxed and best of all I didn’t have any jet lag.. Amazing experience and one I can highly recommend you try for yourself.”
    “Wendy Kropf is a shining light who I have had the absolute pleasure of working with while experiencing the extraordinary Light Chamber. With Wendy’s expert and highly intuitive guidance I felt totally supported whilst allowing the Chamber to work its magic. Wendy’s deep knowledge of healing and many years of experience combined with her beautiful energy and empathic and caring nature made an experience I will hold in my heart forever. Thank you Wendy.”
    Jane Sleight-Leach , Founder, The Life 2 Project
    “Thank you so much Wendy, for raising my vibrations today with your kindness, love and passion. I loved experiencing the Tesla Chamber, it was very special and I’m still reflecting on it and digesting my experience. I feel very lucky to have spent the afternoon with you and I’m feeling relaxed and peaceful tonight. I still feel like I could spend a week looking at all your amazing books, oils, collectables …its just a beautiful and healing space.
    Thank you and I hope we continue to keep crossing paths.
    PS. Thank you for my goodie bag, that organic Apple actually tasted like a ‘Real Apple’ and the bliss balls were delicious. I left feeling so very spoilt and nurtured.”
    Kate Kimber , Bella Bliss Massage